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Play & Discover Early Learning Centre (PDELC) offers children a holistic and emergent curriculum based on the Ministry of Education publication Play & Exploration: Early Learning Program Guide (see attached link).  All of the programming that is offered is based on four basic principles:

  1. Children as capable learners
  2. Strong positive relationships
  3. Stimulating and dynamic environment
  4. Holistic learning

While children are with us at PDELC we view them as capable individuals who bring knowledge and skills to the centre. We show them we believe in them by teaching them how to serve their own meals, put on their own clothes, use real life materials and equipment, such as hammers, nails (after safety discussion and with supervision), make their own decisions about what they would like to play each day. 

Our goal is to build strong relationships with our children and their family.  Research shows that when children feel safe, secure and cared for they learn more deeply. Our goal is try and build open and communicative relationships with our families as well.  They are the child’s first and more important teacher and we can gain insight about the child from their family. 

 We ensure that we offer a quality environment that includes experiential centres, invitations for play, and experiences that are engaging, hands-on and open-ended. The educators select materials based on the interests of the children.   

Before the educators’ plan learning experiences for the children they observe what the children are interested in and plan experiences based on those observations (emergent curriculum).  While exploring each project topic we ensure that the children are offered experiences in each learning domain (intellectual, physical, social/emotional and spiritual).  The allows the children to participate in a well-rounded curriculum that will meet all of their needs. 

If you would like more information about Play & Exploration, you are welcome to look at the publication from the Ministry of Education you can use the following link. 

Play and Exploration: Early Learning Program Guide

Play and Exploration for Infants and Toddlers

2017 SECA Award of Excellence for Outstanding Child Care Centre. 

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